Akkoi Prime 12,5cm

Akkoi Prime 12,5cm

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  Ways of equipment: all types of jig.

  The main predators: pike, zander.

  Length: 125 mm.

  Weight: 10.4 gr.

  Amount of packaging: 4 pcs.

  Features: slowly sinking, natural smell of fish.



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Silicone bait PRIME 125 mm (vibrotail)

Silicone lures designed specifically for catching trophy predators in cold water. The innovative composition of silicone includes salt and a very active attractant that can work at the lowest temperatures. All baits of the PRIME series are particularly resilient, hold excellently on the hook and are quite elastic; you should pay attention to the degree of buoyancy separately - all silicone in the series is slowly sinking. The size of the lures and the color palette were created taking into account the fishing of our Russian predators. The 125mm bait is designed exclusively for catching a trophy predator in cold water.

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