Fiiish Power Tail 44mm Sexy Trout

Fiiish Power Tail 44mm Sexy Trout

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Innovative hard body lure only 44mm in length but with different weights that provide different fishing actions. Wide color palette, some oriented to the sea and others to fresh water.



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Ideal for spinning fishing for trout,grayling perch.

One of the best hard body lures for light spinning in recent times, the result of the PTC concept, which fuses a realistic body with a transparent rear bib that emits strong irresistible vibrations for any predator.

Mimics calm fingerling swimming or frenetic swimming when fleeing, depending on pickup speed.
It supports 3 types of movement: * Linear recovery under the surface, mid-waters or even near the bottom. * Recovery by means of movements in saw teeth. * Thrown towards the current and keep uncollected, which produces vibratory movements.

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