Alaskan First Mission Undertøy

kr 499,00
Inklusive MVA

Undertøy First Mission fra Alaskan 

Tørker raskt, bevegelsesfrihet , fordampning av svette, pustende, egnet for aktiv fritid.


Water absorption permeability
4-Way strech
Hyper Dry Warm
Light wight fabric
Drying permeability

Alaskan Universal set of compression clothes FirstMission is intended for using as a hygienic first layer of clothes.  Suitable for active outdoor activities, sport activities and everyday use at city conditions. AEROWARM fibers are highly vapor permeable and good at moisture removal, also have antibacterial properties. CREORA fibers give cloths excellent elasticity, wearout resistance and comfort, that is why this set not only dry up rapidly without size loosing but keeps high softness and elasticity.

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