Frapp Geko 25cm

Frapp Geko 25cm

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Geko is a mid-proportions vibrotail with a characteristic "scaly" surface. The "heel" has a rounded, drop-like shape. When driving, the Geko has a distinctly lively tail and there is practically no "rolling" - swaying around the longitudinal axis.

Of the entire Frapp range of lures, this model is the most suitable for fishing on slow lines. It does not matter whether in the current or in stagnant water - the Geko goes into operation and plays stably at minimum speeds and allows the most delicate feed.

The optimal choice for jig fishing in stagnant water and in slow currents, even with minimal weight or even without additional burden.

The small size will be appropriate when fishing with Drop-Shot rigs. And the largest model - Geko 6.9 ”- works great when fishing for pike in shallow water with the standard for such a situation, uniform retrieval with short pauses.

The color palette is carefully selected to best meet the needs of Russian fishing conditions: bright "acidic" colors, dark muted tones, natural and special combinations with a provocative, bright "heel". FRAPP lures of different colors, being in one box, are not dyed with each other.

The composition of the material contains an original attractant with a pronounced aroma.

Available in four sizes: 4, and 6.9 inches. Blister packaging.

Geko equipment recommendations

The versatile shape and elegant proportions allow the Geko to be fitted in a wide variety of ways. Jig head and swivel joint with double and offset hook, various options for rigging without loading or with minimal burden in the form of "stingers", tackles with spiral locking "corkscrews" in various combinations.

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