Duo Beach Walker Axcion Slim 105

Duo Beach Walker Axcion Slim 105 UV Blue Pink Gold

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Length 105mm
Weight 33g
Type Sinking (Fixed Weight)
Hook #4
Range 0.5~2.0m


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Discover the Power of Duo Beach Walker Axcion Slim 105 - Your Ultimate Choice for Tough Fishing Conditions!

Looking for a sinking, heavy-duty wobbler that can tackle the roughest fishing challenges? Look no further than the Duo Beach Walker Axcion Slim 105. This elongated wobbler is designed for maximum casting distance and precision, even in challenging wind conditions.

A Top Pick for Saltwater Anglers!

Ideal for shore-walking enthusiasts targeting various saltwater species, the Beach Walker Axcion Slim 105 is your go-to choice. Whether you're exploring the coastline or fishing from the shore, this lure is also perfect for the most demanding trout fishing scenarios. No matter the weather, it excels in both casting and reaching the depths where the fish lurk.

Versatile Performance in All Conditions!

The Axcion Slim 105 adapts to a range of retrieval speeds, making it suitable for cold-water fishing in early spring and equally effective in warmer waters where higher speeds often trigger fish strikes. With its exceptional range and rapid sinking speed, it's an excellent option for both shore and boat fishing for trout in Norway's vast and deep lakes.

Upgrade Your Fishing Experience with Axcion Slim 105 - Unleash the Power of Precision and Performance! Explore our selection today.

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