Mazume Sardine
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Duo Bay Ruf 108S Mazume Sardine

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Length: 108mm

Weight: 26 grams

Type: Sinking lipless wobbler

Color: Mat Mullet Pink Back



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DUO Bay Ruf Seek 108S –Mazume Sardine

The DUO Bay Ruf Seek 108S is an excellent wobbler that is suitable for both large lakes and larger mountain waters in search of the big trout. This lipless (without a lip) wobbler can be cast far and is suitable for fishing in both shallow and deep water. Seek 108S, despite the lack of a lip, provides a very lifelike, appealing movement. This is a great choice for both beginners and experienced anglers.

Why choose DUO Bay Ruf Seek 108S:

Casting length and precision - can be cast far and accurately.

Adaptation to depth – suitable for fishing in different water layers.

Lively, wriggling movement – tempts the predatory fish even when it is at rest.

Varied fishing style - from calm reeling in to energetic jerking.

Areas of use:

Lakes and mountain waters: Ideal for fishing for large trout in large lakes and mountain waters.

Varied fishing style: Can be used with different fishing styles, from normal cranking to jerking and nibbling.

Try the DUO Bay Ruf Seek 108S, and your fishing experience will reach new heights!

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